• Edit (Dec 22, 2015):

What is written below is how I started this blog, unsure and afraid. But since then, I have come to terms, slowly but surely, that I am going to push towards male pronouns and using the name Jake/Jacob. Read on πŸ™‚

Hey there
 My name is J.

“___ prefers to be referred to as β€œthey” and not as β€œhe” or β€œshe” because when they wake up in the morning, they never know whether they will feel male, female or gender-neutral.”

Thats my pronoun preference ^ confusing right?

I have no idea what i’m doing right now or how to explain who I am because that’s really the point of this “adventure” and blog that i’m creating. So for now, I’m just a girl who might be a boy, but also doesn’t fit in to any of those categories. According to google, its called “non-binary”.

So hi. My name is J and I’m non-binary. I’m planning on starting with top-surgery, without hormones. I have no idea what my future holds in terms of transitioning, labeling myself as transgender, taking Testosterone, etc. All I know is that having this procedure and taking away what I’ve always hated will change so much about my world. I just want to share it with whoever is out there feeling the same lost and confused way.

You’re not alone.

ps. A few of these posts may be password protected to protect the privacy of a few individuals. Message me for the password and I will give it to you if it’s alright with them πŸ™‚



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